Electric scooters rent in Pärnu


This summer we are out also in Pärnu, comfortably positioned between Rannahotell and the legendary Sunset Club. There we have available electric scooters, skateboards and much more for buying, going for a testdrive and for rent. We offer electric scooters, which compete in comfort and customer satisfaction with newer Bolt scooters, while offering flexibility for rent period – go for a short drive or go exploring for a week.

We offer following scooters for rent (we put new scooters on the list throughout the summer):

  • GPad Svan – Ta on kui kunstiteos omaette. Eristudes teistest tõukeratastest kui särav täht massist, ei jäta Svani voolujooneline ning nõtke välimus kedagi külmaks. Kuid ärge laskem ennast heidutada tema silmipimestavast välimusest, täisrehvid tagavad rehvide purunematuse ja kerge kaalu tõttu on seda lihtne näiteks treppidest üles-alla kanda. Svani lihtsus, kompaktsus, kergus ja välimus on kindlasti suurimateks trumpideks üle kõikide teiste elektritõukerataste.

No products found which match your selection.


We are located just besides the beach, between Rannahotell and Sunset Club. Our address is Ranna puiestee 5, Pärnu, 80010 Pärnu maakond.


You can book scooters directly from our website!

If you have any trouble whatsoever with that, feel free to contact us at +372 600 4099.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Always wear a helmet!
  2. Do not go riding in rain!
  3. Follow all laws!
  4. Do not leave your scooter unattended.
  5. If you have any followup questions, our customer support is happy to help!

Please familiarize yourself with our rental terms here: Renditingimused

If you intended to book something from our shop in Tallinn, then you can find those products in here: Renditõukerattad Tallinnas

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