LeaperKim, also known by its official name Guangzhou Veteran Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the most dynamic players in the rapidly growing electric unicycle industry. Despite being founded relatively lately, LeaperKim has proved how dedicated and innovative their team is in bringing out new unicycles. That has earned them a reputation as one of the most popular brands among advanced riders. All five founders have some background with Begode – another innovation oriented developer of EUCs.

Currently (2024) LeaperKim’s production site in Guangzhou, is number 2, after growing out of the first one.  The breakthrough was called Veteran Sherman – not to be confused with the American tank M4, that was named Sherman by the British during WWII. Sherman  sold more copies than was ever anticipated. Later it was followed by Sherman Max, that is still available in stores and offers consistent quality and a very pleasing riding experience.

Naming their electric unicycles after famous tanks, reflects the company’s commitment to produce products that are solid and with robust structures that can withstand tough conditions.

Veteran Lynx

Veteran Lynx is LeaperKims newest electric unicycle, collecting positive feedback at almost every step. It is an agile and responsive top of the line 20″ off-road suspension wheel that comes in 3 versions: 70LBS, 66LBS, 62 LBS.

  • Battery 2700W (Samsung 21700 50S)
  • Motor 3200W (with 8000W peak)
  • Weight 40kg
  • 20″ knobby tubeless tire
  • Fast charging up to 15A (1.5h)
  • Progressive suspension

Veteran Patton

Veteran Patton is a powerful and agile 16″ (in reality more like 18″) off-road wheel. When it was first introduced, there was a video showing this unicycle hitting the concrete wall at medium+ speed. The wall survived. As well as the Patton unicycle. This wheel is made for off-roading.

  • 3000W motor (peak 7000W)
  • 16″ knobby tubeless tire
  • 2,220Wh Samsung 50E or 50S battery
  • Fastace fork suspension with 80mm travel
  • 39kg

Veteran Sherman-S

  • Veteran’s first suspension wheel
  • 3,600Wh battery pack with Samsung battery cells
  • 3,000W high-torque motor [7KW peak]
  • New generation controller, 24x MOSFETs with 680A peak load!
  • Adjustable suspension shock system, with rebound, up to 90mm of travel.
  • 20″ knobby tire
  • Upgraded look, more robust body, integrated seat & fender

Sherman S is not just Sherman Max with suspension. Thanks to its massive battery pack, a high-grade motor, and an upgraded controller design, it is a new standard from LeaperKim..

Veteran Sherman Max

Main updates made to the next Veteran Sherman Max:

  • New 3600wh battery
  • New 2800w motor with over 20% more torque
  • Thicker motor phase wires for increased power transfer
  • Re-designed pedal bracket

Meet the Veteran Sherman Max. The main focus here is performance. You won’t find any bluetooth speakers, but you will have a 3600Wh battery and a 2800W motor. The 3600Wh gives riders a massive 230km of range

Veteran Abrams

  • Veteran Abrams – for long range cruising
  • 3500W motor
  • 22″ knobby tubeless tire
  • 2,700Wh Samsung 21700 50E battery
  • IP65 Water resistance

Abrams is the second model after Sherman.  Featuring a massive 22″ tire and 2700Wh battery, this wheel was meant to be for long range cruising and offering the seated riding experience. The wheel had a bumpy launch with some unlucky flaws that cooled the riders’ interest. Nevertheless there are quite many dedicated users that are still very happy with Abrams.