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Inmotion V14 Adventure electric unicycle EUC for urban commute and off-road riding
  • Engine power 4000W (rated), 9000W (peak)
  • Battery 134V, 2400Wh (Samsung 50GB) with range up to 120km*
  • Raptor 42 mosfet and 18 capacitor controller with sealed double layer design
  • Torque of 200Nm to climb hills up to 50° *
  • Progressive adjustable spring suspension with 85mm travel
  • Charging time 60 minutes to 80% with 16A charger
  • Waterproof with IPX6 for the whole wheel and IPX7 for battery

Inmotion V14 is one of the most expected electric unicycles of 2023-2024. This EUC is not like any other Inmotion before! It’s a 16″ off-road unicycle with crazy power, hill climbing ability, all the latest technologies and innovative concepts and a striking design plus many more exciting features. Suits fine for trail and jump riders, as well as city commuters.

InMotion V13 Challenger – SHOP NOW

  • Updated motherboard with 42 MOSFETS
  • Redundant hall sensor system
  • 3024Wh battery pack
  • Touch screen control (app built-in)
  • Anti-theft digital code lock
  • Safety warning system
  • IP55 Waterproofing rating
  • Auto powerful headlight

The V13 is the most powerful electric unicycle developed by Inmotion. With a 3024Wh battery pack powering a monster 4500W motor fitted with a 22″ tire through a state-of-the-art extra-beefy controller! And the fun doesn’t stop there. It features a removable dual-adjustment suspension system (air suspension and damper) for a safe and comfortable ride, dual grab handles, and all the convenience features we all know from the V12.

The wheel is perfect for long-distance commuters as well as city gliders who expect their wheel to be engineered and assembled with the utmost safety in mind.

Inmotion V13
Inmotion V12 HS

Inmotion V12 – SHOP NOW

  • Touch screen control (app built-in)
  • Anti-theft digital code lock
  • Safety warning system
  • IPX5 Waterproofing rating
  • Auto powerful 12w headlight
  • Updated motherboard with extra MOSFETs

The V12 marked InMotion’s entry into the 100V wheels space. First came the Inmotion V12HS, optimised for speed, and then V12HT, optimised for torque, sharing the same body and battery. Both wheels are well protected against the water ingress (best in class) and packed with a ton of features, including touch screen for wheel stats and changing the settings, adjustable pedal height to allow for improved performance either at high speed or trail-riding, low and high beams to avoid blinding pedestrians, powerful Bluetooth speakers, customisable RGB lighting and much more.

Inmotion V12 is universally good at city environments and off-roads up to the riders skills the tire type. The wheel is rather light, easy to carry around and can be bought as the first ever unicycle for beginners or number 2 (and final one) for those who have passed their first wheel. Enough speed and torque, easy to ride and handle. Enjoyable wheel.

Inmotion V11 – SHOP NOW

  • Car-like headlight
  • Effective motherboard (passive) cooling system
  • Water resistant design
  • 83mm suspension travel
  • 1500wh LG dual battery system with smart BMS

Inmotion V11 has the world’s first built-in air-spring pedal suspension design, with up to 83 mm of vertical travel to absorb any bumps. In addition, the V11 is fitted with a 18″ by 3″ tire, ready to hit paved roads and also try out some off-road trails. The wheel comes with rather high-standing pedals, that are helpful where many other wheels clip pedals to obstacles. Riding feels smooth and comfortable as the suspension works really fine.

It is without a doubt that the combination of the range, riding experience and comfort of the suspension have made this wheel one of the Inmotion’s best-selling electric unicycles. It is loved by city commuters who value the sleek design, build quality and safety.

Inmotion V11

About Inmotion Technologies Co – the developer of personal electric vehicles

Inmotion management team photo with Voltride

Inmotion, the spirit of innovation

As one of the leading electric scooter and unicycle manufacturers, Inmotion Technologies is dedicated to bringing out new electric vehicles that meet the  needs of the riders. The first suspension system introduced with Inmotion V11 electric unicycle set the trend for suspension technology in the EUC industry. Inmotion is also one of the few players that has demonstrated that high IP water ingress protection class should be elementary feature in the industry. Inmotion is a leading high-tech enterprise that specializes in the research and development of many personal electric vehicles (PEVs). Inmotion electric scooters are well known for their user safety. Inmotion products are now sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Inmotion was founded by a team of young talented people

Inmotion was founded by a highly skilled technical team with extensive experience in robotics and vehicle dynamics, following their triumphant victory in the prestigious RoboCup competition in China. Since then, the company has grown significantly and now employs over 200 staff, including 60 researchers in Shenzhen – the electronics capital of China.  With a strong track record and a passion for innovation, Inmotion is a key player in the rapidly growing industry of personal electric vehicles.

Inmotion factory S1 electric scooter assembly line
Inmotion management team photo with Voltride
Inmotion factory V11F electric unicycle stock
Inmotion factory V14 electric unicycle stock
Inmotion factory RS electric scooter quality test
Inmotion factory V14 electric unicycle quality test

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