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Electric unicycles stand out as a compact and efficient mode of transportation for city commuting and a powerful and capable means for countryside trail riding. Also known as the EUCs, the unicycles of today are often equipped with suspension, support pads and seat for riding comfort, hundreds of high-tech sensors and electronics, sealed against water ingress. Many have an express charging option to get about 100km riding range within 60 minutes. The models differ in weight from 16-60kgs and tire size from 10″ to 22″, meaning there is a wide variety of wheels and options to choose from to find the best for one’s needs and riding habits.

Compared to electric scooters, electric unicycle differs with its much large wheel size, a feature that makes it less prone to accidents in curbs and potholes AND let’s you have much more fun out in the back-country trails. Another key difference is its more compact size, so you could easily shuffle your EUC under the seat in the bus or train, or leave it charging under your office desk. The elephant in the room is that you have no handle-bars to hold on to when riding the EUC. Scary, right? This may make the learning curve a bit longer than with electric scooter. But hey – you could learn to ride a bicycle once? Learning to ride an electric unicycle is easier than that. And think of the bonus you’ll get – ride hands-free all the time!

For those who value a means of transportation that combines convenience, practicality and a minimal footprint, the electric unicycle is unmatched. And for those guys, who’d like to have just a little bit of fun and adrenaline, going out with friends to explore new trails and challenges, look no further – you’ll find it all in electric unicycle riding.

Welcome to the world of electric unicycles!

Electric unicycles can be found in a wide range of prices and specifications. With one charge you can ride up to 220km and even more ridiculous are the top speeds, which are mostly defined by the size of the riders courage! EUCs a.k.a electric unicycles can be used as ultimate practical vehicles or a fun and powerful wheels that can take you up to any hill. If you'd like to try different EUC models then you're most welcome to our stores at Telliskivi 57D, Tallinn. Always wear a helmet while riding and with powerful EUCs, we also recommend using full motorcycle gear.

How to choose an electric unicycle?

We recommend starting with the distance - how far does it need to go? Then we need to take a look at the wheels - bigger wheels give a more comfortable ride. From that point, top speed, suspension, overall size and other features become important. When in need to carry the wheel on daily bases, we should also consider the weight of the wheel. To sum it up - for every rider, there is a perfect EUC match out there, its just the matter of finding it out! With that, we can help you!

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