GPad – electric scooter brand from Estonia!

The electric scooter is the world’s fastest-developing representative of the field of e-mobility. Simple, nimble, and comfortable vehicles that will get you from point A to point B in a heartbeat. GPad is an Estonian electric scooter brand, which was created with the pleasure of driving in mind. Explore the selection of GPad models and find the right e-scooter for yourself, whether it’s a small city bike, a larger and more comfortable one or something powerful for the forest trail!

GPad Joyride

Enjoy your ride with GPad Joyride

GPad Joyride e-scooter is really a joy to ride. Do not be fooled by its simple design, because it’s packed with features usually available from much more expensive electric scooters. GPad Joyride balances easily and makes you feel safe both at high speeds and turtle pace. The footboard is wide enough to support standing feet side by side. 10″ high-end CST-tires and rear disc brake guarantee good grip and front suspension with pneumatic tires neutralizes bumps and vibrations. You are visible to other commuters thanks to the front and rear LED lights, a brake light and side-reflectors. GPad Joyride electric scooter is also compact – it can be quickly folded to save space in storage, public transport or car trunk. Both handlebars can also be folded making it really very slim.

Joyride’s performance is optimized for long-distance city rides and giving up to 50 km of range (depending on the model) in one charge.  A 36V/350W(Joyride Eco) or 48V/500W(Joyride) motor in combination with a 10Ah(Joyride Eco) or 13Ah(Joyride) batteries offers plenty of power in acceleration and uphill. Operation of the scooter is intuitive: power on, push it start moving and pull the throttle with index finger on your right. Brake lever is on your left, so are the buttons for lights and the horn.

Weighing only 15 kg, Joyride scooter is easy to fold and carry. It offers heaps of joy from the riding experience, while being a serious piece of machinery, that will not leave you on the road. Joyride is mostly an electric scooter for adults, but can also be used as kids electric scooter.

GPad Svan

GPad Svan electric scooter

The GPad Svan – electric scooter which is beauty of its own

Standing out from the crowd like a shining star, GPad Svan e-scooter has the sleekest look of them all. But don’t let yourself be fooled by it. The GPad Svan electric scooter might be small, but it has a heart of a big one. An 8” wheelbase can take you wherever you desire. Extend the maximum range up to 40km with an additional 5Ah battery pack and ride into the sunset. GPad Svan also features a folding system which makes folding and storage quick and easy. Does driving at nighttime seem to be a problem? Not anymore! The Svan also has a powerful LED light integrated into the handlebar. To top it all off, GPad Svan has the so-called “life-time” lasting tyres – the honeycomb tyres. Forget flat tyres and just cruise away with the Svan. Cool design and joyful driving experience makes this model also a favourite kids electric scooter on the market.

GPad Power Scooters

GPad Power Scooter

Power scooters are something more than the scooter you rent on the street or the Xiaomi your friend has lying around.

These MACHINES are for people, who look for something FASTER, MEMORABLE and maybe a sprinkle of CRAZY tossed in. Be it the All-Wheel Drive, extremely performant suspension or comfortable ride on ANY road. Power scooter allows you to conquer every hill and traverse every road you can find in a way, which makes you smile.

GPad Storm

Storm is the latest model from the group of powerful electric scooters of the domestic brand GPad

GPad Storm name series might be familiar to older riders, but the product behind it is completely new. However, the good old features have been carried over to the new Storm models, and several other important parts and systems have also received updates. The GPad Storm electric scooter is suitable for those who want to ride both in the city and in the forest, but do not want to buy a very expensive and large scooter, nor a too small and weak one. Storm has come to fill that gap between the very big and the small. In the case of the GPad Storm series scooters, compactness and portability have not been sacrificed when thinking about the users either, as the scooter folds comfortably and fits in the trunk of the car without much worry.

GPad F3 Max DT

GPad F3 Max DT is a model that combines the best features of GPad and Dualtron technology

GPad F3 Max DT electric scooter is no longer just a scooter, but rather a space rocket whose daily job is to shoot you from here to the moon! This GPad is equipped with large 11″ wheels and obviously, both the front and rear wheels are powered. The 32Ah battery has a driving range of almost 100km. Speaking of the most powerful e-scooters ever made, the GPad F3 Maxi DT certainly has the necessary cushioning and braking power to keep its users from unpleasant bumps or potholes on the road. Regardless of size, the F3 Max DT electric scooter can fold both the handles and the scooter itself. In other words, if you need to hide this unnaturally powerful electric scooter from your wife or loved ones, it folds up in just a few moves.

We have gathered here stories about power scooters from people in every walk of life. Check out, how they have made scooters part of their lives and how it helps in their everyday commute. 

How did you get the idea to buy your first power scooter? – I started with a Xiaomi M365 scooter like everybody else – that phase went past fast. Then I bought a GPad Joyride, which was already something more, but I still felt like I need more performance. A big guy like me needs powerful motors to climb steeper hills and from that I realized – now is the time for the big boys.

How long have you been scooting and what is the mileage? – In total I have bought 5 scooters in the period of 2 years. My total milage is close to 14 000 km. At the moment I am using GPad F3 Max, which I got 2 weeks ago – already got more than 800 km on it.

What do you enjoy most while riding around? – The whole point of a power scooter is the ability to traverse any kind of terrain, atleast for me. Mud, Gravel, Dirt – you name it. Ofcourse it’s special because of the extremely high torque.

How often do you ride your scooter and what is the normal length of your trip? – I drive everyday, in any weather. My average mileage is somewhere around 30 km per day.

What would you say to someone who is interested in a power scooter but aren’t quite sure?– If you have any doubts, just go to the Voltride shop and try them out! Believe me, you’re going to like it. The torque and the power and the ability to go everywhere you want to – it’s worth the cost!

Anything else to you would like to add? – I think that owning this type of scooter has changed my life. I have found new friends and brought an scooter enthusiasts group to life. We ride wherever and whenever I feel like it – the weather does not get a say in it! I believe it truly has become my lifestyle.

How did you get the idea to buy your first power scooter?  – I tried a wide variety of scooters and I have realised that the most important thing is comfortable ride. That means the scooter is easy to use, suspension works well and surprisingly high sidewalk crossing are not a problem.

How long have you been scooting and what is the mileage?– I have used Inokim OX for a year and because we didn’t get any snow in winter, I could use it then also. My total mileage is not that big yet, a bit under 1000 km.

What do you enjoy most while riding around? – Ofcourse stable and secure ride and smooth suspension.

How often do you ride your scooter and what is the normal length of your trip? – Depends on the day. It’s quite possible that I ride the whole day, stopping only for a quick coffee with my girlfriends.

What would you say to someone who is interested in a power scooter but aren’t quite sure? – I sure this model is also right for men, but I personally value the stability and that I can trust my scooter. I can look left and right to check if there are any vehicles coming without having to worry, that something will get in the way and throw me off. Having said that the scooter is slightly on the heavier side, atleast compared to regular rental scooter, so it’s not really carry-on for women.

Would you like to add something? – Riding Inokim OX I always end up with the feeling, that I could ride even further, it’s just so comfortable to ride! So just to clarify – I fully recommend this scooter for a woman!

How did you get the idea to buy your first power scooter?
At first I tried scooters in the price range of 300-400€ and the idea of an electric scooter got me hooked so i wanted to buy one so bad. Later I realised that there are also these bigger models called power scooters and so it went. The main reasoning  was that it would be so comfortable to use it for my daily commute, I can enjoy the weather and nature and I cannot forget the emotion that the scooter provides.

How long have you been scooting and what is the kilometrage?
I’ve been riding my latest power scooter for 6 months and the number on my odometer is about 2000km. My whole experience with electric scooters is 5 years and I own 4 scooters. 

What do you enjoy most while riding around?
Most of all I enjoy the comfort of easily getting around and the suspension.

Have you modified anything on your bike?
I’ve added a couple of hooks so I can attach shopping bags to my scooter.

How often do you ride your scooter and what is the normal length of your trip?
I ride every single day and my rides last around 40 kilometers.

What would you say to someone who is interested in a power scooter but aren’t quite sure?
I would recommend not to doubt the decision to get one. Try out different models in the store and I can say that they are good scooters.

How did you get the idea to buy your first power scooter? – I wanted to buy a scooter, so I could move around the city faster when the weather permits. I tried different scooters but I quickly realised that the lighter models and me do not match. In the store the salesman recommended trying some of the advanced scooters as well and from there the idea started. Especially i remember liking the soft suspension. 

How long have you been scooting and what is the kilometrage? – I bought the scooter early this summer so my kilometrage is not that excessive, around 500km. 

GPad Storm Ultra Erik

What do you enjoy most while riding around? – Mostly I enjoy the feeling of freedom. When I get an idea to go somewhere within the city it’s just so easy to take the scooter and go. I value the silent ride that my electric scooter offers, so I can hear more about what’s going around me.

How often do you ride your scooter and what is the normal length of your trip? – I don’t ride quite every day, but it happens around 3-4 times a week. Most of my rides end up being in the ballpark of 30km. 

What would you say to someone who is interested in a power scooter but aren’t quite sure? – Mainly I would say that a cheaper scooter can be purely a practical way of getting around but a power scooter offers something extra, for example a lot of fun and emotion while riding around and also it can take you to places you don’t see behind the steering wheel of a car.