End User Warranty applies only to Products sold by Voltride for private use, for the original purchaser. End User Warranty does not apply to aftermarket and professional or commercial use. All Warranty claims must be handled with Voltride Service or by an authorized service partner for a given Product.

Voltride End-User Warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship of the Product caused by the manufacturer, arising or occurring as a result of normal and ordinary use of the Product. Normal wear and tear are not covered by the End User Warranty. Please also refer to the Warranty Exclusions in the Warranty documents below, such as damage by rain, water, overload, not following the instructions given in the User Manual etc.

Technical specifications like top speed, range, climbing ability and braking power are not guaranteed and provided only as a reference. These values cannot form a basis for an End User Warranty claim.

The End User is assumed to regularly check and maintain the Product according to the list provided in the section “Regular maintenance by the End User” in the Warranty document as well as follow the rules for Recharge and Storage.

Voltride End User Warranty terms should be read together with the General Terms and Conditions. In case of discrepancies, End User Warranty terms prevail.

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