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A Wide Selection Of Electric Skateboard, EUC, e-bike and e-scooter Spare Parts in Stock in EU Warehouse

Tires, Inner tubes, Brake pads, Controllers, Batteries and a whole lot more

Whether you just need to replace your scooters inner tube, replace the frame of your electric unicycle or the battery in your electric skateboard, we’ve got you covered with the necessary spare parts. Our selection of electric scooter spare parts and spare parts for other light electric vehicles is very expansive, to make sure you’ll be able to find all the parts you need. For instance we have stock of more than 100 different tires for different electric scooters.

If you’re having trouble finding the EUC, skateboard or electric scooter spare part you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll gladly help you out.

From Ninebot and Xiaomi Spare parts to Kingsong, Inmotion or Dualtron Spare Parts and Many More

We have stock of almost all commonly used spare parts for all the mainstream EUC and electric scooter brands and we are working hard on expanding our selection even further. We work directly together with many of the original manufacturers of the brands we sell and do our best provide high quality original parts directly from them to ensure the best compatibility and reliability.

Fast Delivery of Spare Parts

We do our absolute best to get the products you order into your hands in as short a time as possible. The typical shipping time within the EU is 3-7 business days. Most spare parts can conveniently be ordered to a local DPD, Itella, Venipak or Omniva parcel pickup machine near you. Larger parts that won’t fit in the parcel locker are sent by currier.

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Spare Parts for Electric Scooters

We take pride in providing only high-quality spare parts for your electric scooter. Our selection features components from only from reputable manufacturers, ensuring compatibility and long-lasting performance. Whether you require a replacement part or seek to upgrade your vehicle, our offerings will match your exact needs.

Xiaomi Scooter Spare Parts

The Xiaomi scooters, be it Xiaomi 1S, M365 or Pro series are some of the most widely used electric scooters in the world. These models have proven popular because of their competitive pricing and good reliability. Spare parts however, are still occasionally needed for even the most reliable scooters and that is why we take great care to always have the best selection of high quality Xiaomi Scooter spare parts available directly in our European warehouse. Wether your Xiaomi needs a new tire, new brake pads or even a new motor, we have them all and our workshop is always glad to help you replace them to keep your ride running smoothly.

The most commonly needed Xiaomi spare parts can be found here:

Xiaomi inner tube 8.5 inch

Xiaomi Tire 8.5 inch

Xiaomi M365 / S1 Brake pads

Xiaomi Pro Brake pads

Xiaomi Solid Tire 8.5 inch

Xiaomi Pro 2 / S1 Mudguard (rear)

Xiaomi Pro / M365 Mudguard (rear)

Xiaomi Controller

Xiaomi Pro Display

Xiaomi Throttle

Xiaomi Brake lever

See our full selection of Xiaomi parts here!

Segway Ninebot Spare Parts

Segway Ninebot Scooters have proven hugely popular over the last few years. We are talking specifically about the Ninebot ES-series of scooters and the hugely successful Ninebot G30. Much like Xiaomi scooters the G30 too has proven to be very reliable. However, as with any mechanical device preventive maintenance is still key to prolonging the lifespan of your electric scooter and spare parts are often needed to keep the scooter going strongly and reliably.

At Voltride we carry a wide selection of parts for Ninebot G30, G30 II and G30 LE We also have many parts for Ninebot ES1, ES2, ES3 and ES4 and many other Ninebot models.

Here are some of the most commonly used Ninebot spare parts:

Ninebot G30 Tire

Ninebot G30 Solid tire

Ninebot G30 Throttle

Ninebot G30 Charging cable

Ninebot G30 Mudguard (rear)

Ninebot ES2 / ES4 Controller

Ninebot ES2 / ES4 Internal Battery

Browse our selection of Ninebot spare parts here!

Dualtron Spare Parts

We carry a wide selection of Spare parts for many Minimotors models. We have spare parts for both Dualtron and Speedway models. Some of the models, that we have spare parts in stock for include: Dualtron Ultra, Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron III, Dualtron Victor, Dualtron Ultra II, Dualtron City, Dualtron Storm LTD, Dualtron Mini, Speedway Leger, Speedway IV, Speedway V and many more. Our selection includes most commonly used parts for these scooters, starting from electronic components and batteries and ending with frame components, brakes etc. All the Speedway and Dualtron spare parts available on Voltride are genuine original parts supplied directly from Minimotors.

Some of the most commonly bought Speedway and Dualtron spare parts include:

Minimotors EY4 display and throttle set

Dualtron 11" Tubeless Street Tire

Dualtron 11" Tubeless Off-road Tire

Dualtron III / Speedway V Tire

Dualtron Victor Street Tire

Dualtron Victor Off-road Tire

Dualtron Mini Tire

Dualtron Mini Inner Tube

See our full selection of Dualtron and Speedway parts here!

GPad Scooter Spare Parts

Voltride is the official reseller of GPad Spare parts. We have original spare parts available for almost all GPad models, from newer models such as GPad Storm, GPad SVAN or GPad Joyride to even older discontinued models such as GPad Lite or GPad Retro. We have years of expertise with GPad scooters and will gladly help you if you have any questions about spare parts for GPad scooters, their compatibility or replacing them.

These are the most commonly needed spare parts for GPad Scooters:

GPad Joyride Inner tube

GPad Joyride Tire

GPad Joyride Winter Tire

GPad Joyride NEW Throttle

GPad Joyride Brake Pads (Square)

GPad Joyride Brake Pads (Round)

GPad SVAN Throttle

GPad SVAN Brake

GPad SVAN Display

Find all the available spare parts for GPad scooters here!

Electric Unicycle (EUC) Spare Parts

Inmotion Spare parts

We have Inmotion Spare parts in stock for all Inmotion unicycle models starting from the Inmotion V11.

The list of available spare parts can be found here!

Kingsong Spare parts

We maintain an inventory of spare parts for most Kingsong models. Starting with spare parts for Kingsong KS-14D up to Kingsong KS-S22 and everything inbetween.

You can find the complete list of Kingsong Spare parts here!

Veteran / Leaperkim Spare Parts

We have spare parts in stock for all Veteran Unicycles. We have Spare parts for the original Veteran Sherman, the upgraded Sherman MAX, Veteran Abrams, Veteran Patton, Veteran Sherman-S and soon also the Veteran Lynx and any new models that will be released in the future.

You can find all the veteran spare parts here!

Begode / Gotway Spare Parts

Our warehouse many different spare parts for many different Begode or even older Gotway models. The oldest model we have spare parts for is the Gotway MSP and from there on we have spare parts for almost all Begode models, such as Begode EX, Begode EX.n, Master, EX30 and so on.

You can find all the Begode Spare parts here!

Spare Parts for Other E-mobility Brands

We also carry spare parts for many other scooter, Electric unicycle and bicycle brands. Some of which can be found below. We can also order any parts that we might not currently have in our warehouse from the manufacturers if necessary.

Inokim Spare Parts

Stigo Spare Parts

E-TWOW Spare Parts

If you are having trouble finding the correct part, then contact us at the email address or by phone +372 600 40 99.