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Unicycles are definitely one of the best ways of transportation. Small and compact, yet capable of riding long distances. The greatness is also hidden in a big wheel, that unicycles can offer. If you are looking for anything that fits nicely under the bus seat and wont take much room, this is the way to go. For me information, scroll downwards ⏬

Electric unicycles can be found in a wide range of prices and specifications. With one charge you can ride up to 220km and even more ridiculous are the top speeds, which are mostly defined by the size of the riders courage! EUCs a.k.a electric unicycles can be used as ultimate practical vehicles or a fun and powerful wheels that can take you up to any hill. If you'd like to try different EUC models then you're most welcome to our stores at Telliskivi 57D, Tallinn or Riia 24, Tartu. Always wear a helmet while riding and with powerful EUCs, we also recommend using full motorcycle gear.

How to choose an electric unicycle?

We recommend starting with the distance - how far does it need to go? Then we need to take a look at the wheels - bigger wheels give a more comfortable ride. From that point, top speed, suspension, overall size and other features become important. When in need to carry the wheel on daily bases, we should also consider the weight of the wheel. To sum it up - for every rider, there is a perfect EUC match out there, its just the matter of finding it out! With that, we can help you!

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