Riese Müller brand Voltride

At the heart of Riese & Müller beats a simple, powerful mantra: conviction

Driven by a fervent love for biking and relentless innovation, coupled with a perfectionist’s eye, Riese & Müller produces not just bikes, but E-Bikes, E-Cargo Bikes, and folding bikes that are a testament to unmatched quality, detailed precision, and the forefront of technology and design – the very definition of German engineering prowess.

Each model is a bespoke solution, crafted to elevate your riding experience to its peak. Your satisfaction is what propels the company forward.

Equally important is their team’s satisfaction, whose well-being is reflected in the success of their bikes and the positivity of the workplace.

Riese & Müller is a team driven by a shared passion. They have turned what they love into what they do.

The Riese & Müller Story

The journey of Riese & Müller began with two friends Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, united by their enthusiasm for cycling, who elevated their venture from a modest start to a top-tier global presence in the premium electric bike market.

Their climb to success was gradual, anchored by creative solutions, a partnership grounded in mutual admiration, and a deep-seated ethic to act honorably.

These foundational values persist as our guiding principles, narrating the rich history of Riese & Müller.

Riese & Müller forms a company

In 1994 and 1995, a journey to Taiwan with the red Birdy prototype marks the beginning of a transformative phase for Markus.

This step was crucial in bringing their bike company dream closer to reality, amidst significant risks. Financially supported by loved ones and a bank’s start-up loan, they managed to get the first 250 Birdys manufactured in Taiwan.

The arrival of these bikes at their quaint headquarters in an old Darmstadt dairy was more than a milestone; it was the transformation of a garage project into a thriving small business.

A folding bike conquers the world

In 1995 and 1996, the Birdy folding bike achieved explosive momentum. Bike retailers were virtually scrambling to stock this innovative product, with its popularity quickly extending to the USA and Japan, making Riese & Müller an international household name from day one.

It became the insider’s pick among commuting circles and the adventurous choice for cycling tourists heading to destinations as challenging as Nepal and the Antarctic.

This led to the emergence of fan clubs worldwide, enshrining the Birdy’s status as a revered cult favorite within the cycling community.

The range of models grows.

The breakthrough as a mobility provider

In the decade from 2009 to 2018, Riese & Müller embraced a new direction, focusing solely on electric bikes and converting all models, barring the Birdy, to pedelecs.

This initiative was fueled by the conviction that E-Bikes had the potential to attract sports enthusiasts, convert non-cyclists into believers, and potentially replace cars.

This conviction led to the creation of the Nevo, with its accessible low step-through design, the daily commute-ready Charger, and the versatile Packster and Load Cargo Bikes.

The company’s goals were ambitious yet clear: to champion the ‘mobility revolution’ with superior, thoughtfully engineered bikes, to contribute to climate change mitigation, and to ascend as a leader in the premium E-Bike market.

Where is Riese & Müller now

In the present and as the company looks to the future, they face evolving challenges with unwavering courage and a determined spirit, drawn irresistibly to the opportunity of tackling grand endeavors.

What will the landscape of tomorrow’s mobility look like?

Nestled in the state-of-the-art campus in Mühltal, Germany, they’re not just crafting bicycles but reimagining mobility with lightweight, smart E-Bikes tailored for urban life, innovative cargo solutions for enterprises of every scale, and groundbreaking bike ownership models.

Riese & Müller’s position as a global leader comes with a profound sense of responsibility for the environmental and social ramifications of its actions.

Adopting sustainable practices, efficient resource management, ensuring fair working conditions, and maintaining transparency in the supply chain are fundamental commitments that define its identity.

You can read more at their official website here.