Segway Max G30 is the flagship electric scooter for Segway – their previous flagship was the ES4 which can still be seen on the streets. Segway Max if equipped with big 10″ wheels, an LCD screen, bluetooth app, 65km of range and much more. One key feature giving the Segway Max a comfortable ride, is it’s wide and long platform. An integrated charger makes the Segway Max G30 unique among other electric scooters – you just have to carry a wire with you, not the power brick. If necessary, an external charger can also be connected.
These features also make the Segway Max a top choice for scooter rental companies!

Segway Max G30 LP is a bit smaller version of original G30 and by this we mean, that the scooter has a smaller battery inside. So the differences between two widely known Segway models are the battery size and charger, which is used separately with model LP

If you’ve ridden a Segway ES1, ES2 or ES4 before or are just looking for an electric scooter with exceptional attention to detail, look no further than the Segway Max!


The P65E electric scooter incorporates the latest technologies, NFC lock, innovative and unique design, and most importantly, it is of exceptionally high quality, characteristic of Segway! This model is for those who don’t settle for ordinary quality but desire premium quality! Even the charging port cap on the Segway P65E model is extremely beautiful and functional 


Now we also offer electric scooters specifically designed for children to ride! Introducing the Segway Zing series, with three different models available, each suitable for children of various ages and sizes. These scooter models are primarily designed for children between the ages of 6 and 14. The larger the number in the model name, the bigger the scooter and the more suitable it is for older children. It’s worth noting that these models are not suitable for adults!


Xiaomi 1S has come to dethrone the so far most popular electric scooter in the world, Xiaomi M365. Xiaomi 1S is a mid-range electric scooter from the Xiaomi series with a 250w motor, 25km/h top sepeed and 30km of riding distance in ideal conditions. The S1 is also equipped with front, rear and side reflectors for extra safety. The front and rear lights have also been redesigned – when the front light is turned on, the rear light also turns on. When pressing the brake, the rear light starts flashing to let other commuters know that you’re about to stop. All of this add to the safety in Xiaomi scooters. The 1S weighs just around 12,5kg which is light enough to carry around daily. It’s also compact enough to fit inside the boot of a smaller car.

Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 electric scooter is a new and improved version of the previous Xiaomi flagship – the Xiaomi Pro. M365 Pro 2 is the buggest and most powerful electric scooter that Xiaomi makes with a 300W motor, 25km/h top speed and 45km range in ideal conditions. M365 Pro 2 is the bigger brother of Xiaomi S1 and also comes with reflectors on the sides, front and rear lights, disc brakes and regenerative braking. Due to many similarities with the previous Pro model, Xiaomi Pro 2 has spare parts and accessories readily available at most electric scooter repair shops.

Xiaomi 4 Pro

Introducing the Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro, now featuring increased size in all aspects.
It boasts an additional 60mm in height, 68mm in length, 54mm in handlebar width, and 19mm in deck width.

Convenient foldable structure for effortless storage
Crafted with top-tier aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, the frame of the Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro ensures exceptional durability and lightweight performance, allowing for easy maneuverability and long-lasting reliability.

Xiaomi DuraGel Tire 10″ | Tubeless | Self-sealing
Experience the latest innovation with the Xiaomi DuraGel Tire, featuring a tubeless design and cutting-edge puncture-resistant technology. Say goodbye to tire punctures and enjoy a worry-free ride. Additionally, the upgraded 10″ tire size ensures superior shock absorption on uneven surfaces, providing a smoother and more comfortable journey.

Versatile speed options
Choose your pace: Take control of your ride by simply double-tapping the power button to switch between various speed modes, allowing you to effortlessly adapt to your surroundings. Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro offers: Low mode: 0-6km/h Medium mode: 0-20km/h High mode: 0-25km/h

Spare parts and accessories

Xiaomi and Segway parts and accessories are available in Voltride Service workshop and Voltride store in Telliskivi. We have replacement electronics, tires, mudguards, brake levers, motors and much more. See all spares here