45€ – single motor
65€ – dual motor*

External cleaning/washing
Brake adjustment
Tire inflation
Tightening loose parts
Checking the fixings (bolts-nuts)
Technical condition inspection, wear parts check, if necessary consultation on further actions, advice on using an electric scooter

* Dual motor or over 20kg

98€-119€ – single motor
119€-179€ – dual motor*

External cleaning/washing
Brake adjustment
Tire inflation
Tightening loose parts
Checking the fixings (bolts-nuts)
Technical condition inspection, wear parts check, if necessary consultation on further actions, advice on using an electric scooter
Visual inspection of electronics – we perform corrosion/water damage, insulation damage, and connection checks
Lubrication of loose-bearing headsets
The price of simpler wear part replacements (work part) is included in the maintenance price – brake pads, brake discs, tires, deck grip tape (grip tape)
Suspension maintenance/lubrication

* Dual motor or over 20kg



We make an otherwise non-waterproof electric scooter or electric unicycle as waterproof as possible so that the vehicle can be used in the rain/winter with snow. More information

Voltride shop from front

Voltride Service

Voltride Workshop has specialized in repairing and servicing electric scooters, skateboards, bicycles, hoverboards, unicycles, and all other electric mobility devices. The main brands that we work with are GPad, ETwow, Inokim, Dualtron, Speedway, Minimotors, Evolve, Kingsong, Radinn, Exway and Xiaomi. If you happen to have a device from any other brand, don’t hesitate to contact us – it might just be that parts from another device are compatible and our technicians can figure out a working solution anyway.
Voltride Workshop is the official service partner for all GPad mobility devices in Estonia. We have parts for all GPad models – old or new!


Inner tube and/or outer tube replacement15€ – 30€ (non-motorized wheel) 25€ – 90€ (motorized wheel)
Wheel replacement15€ – 25€ (non-motorized wheel) | 19€ – 119€ (motorized wheel)
Bearing replacement20€ – 25€ (non-motorized wheel) | 39€ – 119€ (motorized wheel)
Full rubber installation (instead of the inner tube and outer tube) or removal of full tire/honeycomb tire25€ – 60€
Tubeless tire replacement25€ – 50€ (up to 10″) | 60€ – 80€ (11″ and larger)
Filling tubeless tires with puncture-resistant substance15€
Onewheel XR / Pint60€
Unicycle tire change50€ – 90€
Installation of studs/spikes on the tire surface (studs included in the price)30€ – 45€
Electronics diagnostics (needed if there is no error code)20€-80€
Battery replacement15€-80€
Battery cell balancing40€-80€
Controller (motherboard) replacement19€-80€
Basic electronics check (corrosion/water damage, insulation damage, and connection check)20€
Battery capacity test 100%-0% (we provide the aging percentage)20€-80€
Installation of non-original controller kit (new plugs and wires included in the price)120€-140€
Light replacement or repair15€-50€
Throttle/gas lever or electric brake (e-brake) pedal replacement5€-40€
Firmware restoration30€-60€
BMS (battery control module) replacement79€-119€
Screen/display replacement20€-60€
Motor Hall sensor(s) replacement80€-150€
Handlebar replacement9€-30€
Fork or shock replacement30€-120€
Stem and bearing lubrication and cleaning15€-119€
Stem and bearing replacement29€-119€
Stem adjustment10€-60€
Electric scooter cleaning / washing**20€-60€
Suspension lubrication/maintenance20€
Charging port/plug replacement15€-60€
**Very dirty electric scooter service/repair – cleaning costs an additional 20€
Brake adjustment (1 or 2 brakes)9€ – 45€
Brake link replacement19€ – 60€
Brake cable cleaning and oiling15€ – 45€
Brake cable replacement (with new brake sheath)29€ – 45€
Disc brake pad replacement9€ – 20€
Brake caliper replacement9€ – 30€
Brake disc replacement15€ – 30€ (non-motorized wheel) | 25€ – 119€ (motorized wheel)
Brake disc straightening9€ – 30€
Hydraulic disc brake kit installation60€ – 90€
Hydraulic brake venting and adjustment30€ – 60€
Short term storage fee (per day, starting from the 6th day)6€
Long term storage (per month)20€
Installing seal for removing play in the folding mechanism10€
Bush replacement, removing play from the front shock60€
Charging port cover replacement10€
Additional battery installation20€
Front mudguard replacement15€
Display cable replacement45€
Throttle lever replacement20€

For other jobs not included in the price list, the hourly rate applies 60€-80€/h (depending on the type of work).

Special services

We offer several special services like waterproofing, mudguard attachments, winter tire replacement, and many more.
We also clean and store your vehicle if needed. Contact us for more info!

Repair appointment and shipping

To use our services please use the fallowing options:

  • Email at service@voltride.com with your exact problem description (please add images and video of the issue or damage).
  • Bring your device to our service center at Telliskivi 57D in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • If you live abroad please email us at service@voltride.com for shipping options and cost calculation.