Repair service for electric scooters, skateboards, unicycles and hoverboards.

Voltride Service

Voltride workshop has specialised in repairing and servicing electric scooters, skateboards, bicycles, hoverboards, unicycles and all other electric mobility devices. Main brands that we work with are: GPad, ETwow, Inokim, Dualtron, Speedway, Minimotors, Evolve, Kingsong, Radinn, Xiaomi. If you happen to have a device from any other brand, don’t hesitate to contact us – it might just be that parts from another device are compatible and out technicians can figure out a working solution anyway.

Voltride workshop is the official service partner for all GPad mobility devices in Estonia. We have parts for all GPad models – old or new!

Special services

We offer several special services like waterproofing, mudguard attachments, winter tire replacement and many more.
We also clean and store your vehicle if needed. Contact us for more info

Repair appointment

To use our services please use the fallowing options:

  • Email at with your exact problem description (please add images and video of the issue or damage).
  • Bring your device to our service center at Telliskivi 57D in Tallinn, Estonia
  • If you live abroad please also email us at for shipping options and cost calculation.

External cleaning: from 15€
Tire shine and waxing: from 15€
Excessively dirty vehicle fee: 20€

Adjusting the brakes (per brake): from 10€
Replacing the brake pads: from 20€
Replacing brake cables: from 15€
Replacing the brake caliper: from 25€
Brake lever replacement: from 15€
Brake disc replacement (per disc): from 15€ (motor wheel extra wheel +15€)
Replacing hydraulic brake fluid (per brake): from 20€
Installing hydraulic brakes (per brake): from 45€

Find our opening times below.


Are you open during COVID-19?

Yes, our workshop is open Mon.-Fri. 10.00-18.00 at Telliskivi 57D, Tallinn. We ask our customers to keep a distance of 2 meters from our employees. There’s also an opportunity to talk through the glass and leave your device in the corridor. Face masks and disinfectant are are available at the door.

How does water affect an electric scooter and can you wash it?

Some scooters have a maximum of IP 54 dust and water resistance. A pressure wash would require IP 56 and it’s usually even discouraged on bicycles since it could ruin bearings. Scooters have a motor, controller, battery+BMS, screen etc.. Water damage leaves a mark on devices and if it comes out in repair, warranty is immediately void. Riding in pouring rain and through puddles is discouraged – water and electric mobility devices don’t mix!

Do you also do out of warranty repairs?

Voltride repair will help you with a broken tire, loose brakes, upgrades and so on. We also repair and swap electronics – dead batteries, fried controllers, broken motors. Since some parts are cross compatible between brands, we can also sometimes repair products which don’t belong to our line-up – our workshop will let you know if repairs are possible and how much it will cost.

Can I ship you a device for repair?

Yes. Please send your device to the following address:
Voltride Workshop, Telliskivi 57D, Tallinn, 10412 +372 600 40 99.

Please also add a note with contacts and fault description. Our workshop will take a look at the issue and give feedback on work needed and cost as soon as possible. We can also organise transport from customers address to our workshop, is needed. Products are returned to a given address by courier shipping.