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Yes it can, but… Electric scooters have a motor inside at least one wheel. That motor, which usually takes the scooter forward, acts as a weak brake, if the scooter is pushed manually. How heavily the motor brakes, varies quite much depending on the specific motor. Our experience tells us that the most pleasant scooters for riding manually are produced by E-Twow. The braking motor cannot almost be noticed at all, when pushing it manually. These scooters are also very light and compact, which leads us to the next factor.

The second most important thing, that has an impact when pushing the scooter manually, is the weight of the scooter. The heavier is the scooter, the harder is it to push it forward.

Finally we are left with the scooters design itself, more specifically, the height of the foot platform. The higher the platform, the longer the distance your feet must travel. That means more labour.

To conclude: all electric scooter can be used as a regular scooter, but the efficiency and the convenience of that depends on the motor, weight and dimensions.

We define the fastest electric scooter by the acceleration, not by the top speed. Why? Well, the reason is quite simple! Starting from higher speed levels, the riding with electric scooters, is just not reasonable anymore. Its not reasonable for the rider nor for the other commuters or pedestrians. The electric scooters are just not meant for super-high speeds!

Acceleration wise we have two beasts standing quiet close to each other: GPad F3 Max and Daultron Thunder. Right on their heels, there are GPad F3 and Dualtron Ultra.

The cheapest electric scooters are suitable for children, not for the grown-ups! By the looks and price range, the first one to catch your eye is definetly the GPad Lite series. You can choose between an 5inch and 6.5inch scooter. These models are meant for youngsters and for smooth and even riding terrains.

For the most compact ones, there is only one true anwser – E-Twow. Designed in Romania, these electric scooters look like a regular non-electric kickscooters. But hey, dont fool yourself, they do have an electric motor, battery and all the other stuff needed to make one electric scooter ride as normal. Or not as quiet normal, because E-Twow has both, front and rear suspension. And not just some regular everyday suspension, but one of the best suspensions in the “compact” electric scooters world. And to top it even off, all the E-Twow models are built onto one frame – its just the core that changes!

In Estonia, you dont need to have any license to ride the electric scooter and you dont need to register your vehicle anywhere. The only time you would need to register an electric scooter, would be, if you would put a seat on the scooter. In this case, the electric scooter transforms into a moped.

Right now the law says, that when riding with an electric scooter, you should act as an pedestrian. To act directly according to this, you would have to use the left roadways side, whenever there is no sidewalk designated. When riding on the sidewalk, you can only move at the speed of pedestrians walking or without harming them.

There are no age restrictions, while riding an electric kickscooter. But we suggest, that up to age 14, the riders should be all times accompanied by adults. The same goes with helmets. There are no requirements wearing them, but we believe that the most dangerous thing for a rider riding without helmet, is the rider himself.

So buckle up a helmet!

The scooters sold by Voltride are not waterproof! The water can end up in the bearings or inside the electrical components, which is not good. If anything should happen to the scooter and it is sent to us to repair and traces of water are found inside, the warranty will cease to cover the damages.

To keep the battery in its best shape keep in mind that the battery does not like 2 states for a long time: 0% and 100%.

When storing the battery for longer periods (winter), we recommend charging it at 50%. Do that in every 1-3 months. The reason is once again to hold the voltage optimal in battery cells which therefor gives the battery a longer lifespan.

Also it is not good to store the battery for long periods when it is fully charged at 100%, when you charge it full, go for a drive within 1-3 days.

When riding don’t run it totally empty. Put it charging latest at 10%, so the battery cells wont have to withstand the low voltage.

Electric kickscooters, skateboards, hoverboards and stuff like that dont love too cold and too warm environments. This means that on a winter period, its recommended to store the electric vehicles at a indoors temperature and in the summertimes, we dont recommend leaving them under direct sunlight.

To charge the electric scooter, you dont need anything special. Just a regular laptop kinda looking charger, which one end goes to an usual electric plug and the other connects to the machine.

Its a question, that is asked pretty often. Usualy the anwser is within the persons needs. First things to think about would be: how long should the scooter be able to ride,  will the riding mainly take place at rought terrains or even pavements and how compact should the scooter be? Next details to think about would be height of the platform, plaform width, maximum speed, suspension, adjustable handlebar height or fixed handlebar height, dual-motor or single motor and some other smaller things.

There is a perfect scooter for every person, so when knowing the needs of our client, we can suggest the best version specially for him! To find these best solutions we recommend to give us a call or visit our permium shop at Purje 8, Pirita.

Absolutely there is!

To find the perfect ride for everyone, its highly and strongly recommended to try out different models, before choosing one! Just like when buying a car! Doesn’t matter if your looking for electric scooter, skateboard, unicycle, moped, hoverboard or something third. Our test-ride vehicles fleet is wide, so come visit and test us out at Purje 8.

Our premium shop is located in Tallinn, at Telliskivi 57D. We are open at workdays from 10:00-18:00 and Saturday 11-15

As we represent and work together with many big brands and retail-chains, we have our own workshop next to our premium shop ready to help anybody with their questions. Our technicians do everything from daily maintenance to warranty works.

Depending on the product, warranties might be 2 year for products and 6 months for batteries. To be clear what kind of warranty your product has, ask us directly!

Yes! We work with different companies to offer financing options for EU citizens in some member states. Check our info page for more information: https://voltride.com/pay-in-slices/