Oolter city bikes

The Oolter City bikes – Eke and Etta are your friendly companions for everyday city rides. Starting your day with Eke fills you with energy and a good mood for the whole day. Etta is designed for a nice ride on a joyful day. A city bike for women that not only looks elegant but is also comfortable.

Oolter Urban bikes

The Oolter Urban bikes are not a “sit back and relax”- type of a bikes or a road training bikes. These are for active city commuters and make a great bike for both genders. Torm and Torm S are for people that want to stay active and full of energy plus have a clean looking stylish bike thats also comfortable to ride.

Oolter City bike urban

Oolter Electric bikes

Oolter, an e-bike brand swayed by the vibes of the North, was created to make everyday commuting in the city easier. You probably don’t enjoy arriving at work sweaty from cycling or being stuck in traffic when commuting by car. Neither do we – so we created a line of stylish and practical e-bikes that could solve this problem and as our slogan says, add life to your days.

Their pitch is simple –
You do not need an expensive racing or mountain bike to commute in the city. Instead, you need a bike that is so good it gets you out of the car. A bike that:

  • feels natural
  • is good-looking
  • saves you time and effort

To achieve that, a lot of energy has gone into fine-tuning the frame geometry. Riders say that Oolter is easy to ride and very comfortable compared to other e-bikes on the market. However, the biggest difference compared to other e-bikes would be the neat design. We wanted to make it look like a regular bike – a slim and stylish bike without any bulky tubes or batteries.

Oolter bikes are for everyone. By everyone we mean literally everyone:

  • people arriving at the office or workplace every morning to go back home in the evening. To cross this distance, the bridges and hills with ease.
  • people who enjoy spending time outdoors and like to explore new routes
  • people who like to remain active at a senior age, but cannot go on riding with a regular bike without electric assistance
  • people looking for an eco-friendly car alternative

To put all this shortly, Oolter was created to help people to commute with ease while still being able to enjoy a nice summer breeze and freedom of choosing when to ride.

*Range estimate is based on lab tests with total weight 75kg (including bike), flat road, temperature 23°C, wind 2-3m/s. In reality, the range depends on load, riding style, wind, temperature, terrain and pavement, speed, pedal assist level and pedalling effort.