4 reasons to buy a hoverboard

Hoverboards are an extra cool way to ride around with friends. Some may even consider doing stunts and tricks with it. However, is this popular thing any good for the riders?

It’s a question that many parents think about. That’s why we gathered some thoughts, why could a hoverboard be a reasonable thing for your child or even yourself to ride.

We talked about this topic with two kids both using hoverboards (13 years old). Read and check out, what you think about it!

1. Movement

In a first look, the rider of hoverboard just stands on the board and the thing that moves, is hoverboard. Well, that thought might deceptive. When riding hoverboard, to hold balance the rider must use muscles covering whole body. Even the muscles of foot soles are heavily used while riding. Not to mention the leg and back muscles and also the abs. Riding the hoverboard is a physical exercise for the whole body, which many people are unfortunately missing nowadays.

2. Coordination and dexterity

Everybody has seen videos of people falling with hoverboards. Well, most of times, the persons falling are grown-ups, not children. So, as we may conclude, the body control gets rusty with older people. But just as a miracle, we have a solution for this problem! Riding a hoverboard is fun way to exercise your coordination a dexterity. Everybody, starting from children to grown-ups need an ability to control their body. To develop the skills for riding hoverboard, everybody has the same starting position and a child who might not be so good at regular sports might even become be a king on a hoverboard! 

3. Less time in smartphone and computer equals more time outside with friends.

In this point, everybody should agree. Hoverboard just pulls yourself out riding. It means that it’s a great competitor to today’s many attractions – screens. These kinds of opportunities should be used, in every family. And when already outside, then always with friends.

4. More time outside.

We’ll leave some grown-ups talk here also (seems familiar?): “What are you sitting there, go play outside. In the old times you couldn’t get kids indoors, nowadays it’s the other way around.” Even though riding with hoverboard is also possible indoors (if it’s allowed), its mostly meant for outdoors and playgrounds. Physical activity outdoors – a useful thing for everybody!

These are the four things, that the two young riders pointed out. To summarize the story: A little adventure with hoverboard, gives every parent their needed daily portion of endorphin!