Autumn and winter are not an obstacle for riding electric vehicles!

 Improving the water resistance of an electric vehicle?

Many of our customers want to ride their vehicles all year round in any weather, and to respond to the heavy demand, we have developed a new service for our customers called “Waterproofing” –

On that page, you can see for  which vehicles we provide waterproofing, and you can add this service to your shopping cart together with your new vehicle. Purchasing this service together with a new vehicle will increase the transportation time for about 1-3 weeks due to the extra work, but as a result, you will get a more durable vehicle for all weather conditions. It is, of course, also possible to purchase this waterproofing for your vehicle that is already in use. In the latter case. you just need to make sure that we provide this service to your model and then bring it to our workshop.

What exactly is done during the waterproofing??

The vehicle is dismantled and our skilled technicians inspect all openings and splits where the water could come in and fill them with silicon or some other waterproof substance. In addition, the motherboards and batteries are sealed on various models. All work depends on the specific vehicle and model!The work done at our workshop does not affect the warranty- it remains valid. 

However, it must be taken into account that if water still gets into the vehicle after purchasing the waterproofing, the manufacturer does not, unfortunately, provide a warranty in case of water damage. For example, if you fall down with the vehicle or it gets hit, the water resistance of the vehicle may be damaged resulting in further problems when riding in humid or rainy weather. That is why we cannot give a 100% guarantee that no “moisture particles” will get into the vehicle. 

What to do when the roads become slippery?

Wet weather and slippery roads are also a problem in winter and autumn. But we also have a cure for it – studded tires. This is definitely helpful when driving on any slippery surface, and fortunately, we have a selection of tires for many different models: LINK

When riding in winter, you must also take into account the fact that the capacity of the battery will definitely decrease due to the cold, and this will also reduce the riding range. When riding, stay conservative to make sure you have enough battery power to get back home, not just to get to your friends’ place. Please also remember that the vehicle must not be left standing in the cold for long. This has a bad effect on the battery. A quick reminder on this topic:

  1. If the vehicle is left to stand for a long time, store it in a room with a minimum temperature of +15C.
  2. Keep the battery of the standing vehicle between 40-60%, it is best for the battery.
  3. Charge a standing vehicle for at least once every month and a half (but not over 70%).
  4. However, the best way to take care of your electric vehicle is to keep it in use at all times. 

In addition, it is advisable to check the brakes before winter rides to ensure that the braking distance is as short as possible in the event of danger. If necessary, you can also order new brake pads from our e-shop or have technicians install them on your vehicle.

The Voltride team will do the best to ensure that no winter ride is left unridden. If you have any technical questions, please contact us in the chat window of our website or write to us at