Voltride end-user warranty

Voltride’s end-user warranty covers all manufacturing defects that occur as a result of normal use of the product within the warranty period. Voltride’s End User Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the equipment and only covers equipment purchased by a private individual for personal use. Technical specifications such as ride distance and climbing ability are dependent on riders’ weight, road conditions, speed, and wind direction. These are not guaranteed but are given as a point of comparison. These values cannot be the basis for a warranty claim.

Voltride’s end-user warranty is valid for the following periods or up to 2000km, whichever is the sooner:

All components except consumables and the battery – 24 months.

Battery – 12 months

The end-user warranty does not apply to equipment purchased second-hand and/or equipment purchased for commercial purposes. In the case of products purchased by companies, the factory warranty period, as indicated in the technical specifications table on the product page, shall apply. If the factory warranty is not indicated on the product page, then the product does not have factory warranty coverage.

Consumable parts

Consumable parts are not covered under warranty. Consumable parts include tyres, brake pads, brake discs, brake cables, handles, in the case of scooters movable parts of the folding mechanism, loose bolts, pins, bearings, etc. It is the responsibility of the user to check the technical condition of their equipment and, if necessary, to service it before each ride.

To ensure the validity of the warranty and the good working order of the equipment, it must be serviced once a year or at 300km, 1000km and every 1000km thereafter. Maintenance is carried out by Voltride Service.

The warranty does not apply to:

  • Products not purchased from Voltride.
  • Products with incorrect or missing documentation, including products for which the original invoice is missing.
  • Products that are out of the warranty period
  • Products purchased used.
  • Products that have been tuned or modified in any way (electronics or mechanics).
  • Products that have been repaired (or attempted to be repaired) by unauthorised repairers/people. Parts such as tyres, brake pads, etc., the repair of which does not require the opening of the scooter body, can be replaced, or repaired by the user.
  • Products that have been charged with a charger other than the original charger or if the charging instructions in the products manual have not been followed.
  • Products damaged due to misuse and/or neglect or failure to follow the instructions in the user manual.
  • Damage caused by exceeding the carrying capacity of the equipment, by tricks or participation in competitions, by falling or by impact.
  • Damage caused by exposure to extreme temperatures or fire.
  • Products which have continued to be used after defects requiring repair have been identified.
  • Damage not due to manufacturing defects.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Liquid damage.

Rules for the charging, long-term storage, and cleaning of electric micro-mobility devices.

In addition to the above exclusions, the warranty may be invalidated if the following rules are not followed (for more detailed instructions, please refer to the user manual of your device):

Charging the device

Before charging, turn off the device. First insert the charger into an electrical outlet and then connect it to the scooter. It is recommended to charge the scooter at regular room temperature.


DO NOT charge the device when the device, its charging socket or the charger are wet.

DO NOT charge the device if the battery has been damaged or exposed to water.

Always place the charging port cover back over the charging port after charging.

For more detailed instructions on charging your device, please refer to its user manual.

Long-term storage

Switch off the appliance and disconnect the charger. Make sure that the battery charge level is around 50-60%. Check the battery charge level at least once a month. If it has decreased, charge the battery until it is at about 50-60%. Store the device in a dry room at a temperature of about 15-25°C.


DO NOT store the device in wet conditions or at temperatures below 15°C (59°F).

DO NOT store the device with an empty battery, as this may cause permanent damage.

For further instructions on storing your device, please refer to its user manual.


Use a damp, soft cloth to clean your device. Use a brush to clean dirt that is difficult to remove.


DO NOT use alcohol or any other solvents to clean your device.

DO NOT use a pressure washer or running water to clean your device.

Do not immerse your device in water.

Personal electric mobility devices are not waterproof. Some devices may be water resistant. The IP rating is given on the product page and in the device’s manual. Do not exceed the conditions of the IP rating. If no IP rating is given, do not expose your device to rain or water nor soak it in water.

For more detailed instructions on how to clean your device, please refer to its instruction manual.