Kingsong KS-14S will arrive to our warehouse at the end of July. Pre-order your new wheel now!

Electric unicycle Kingsong 14S is built for a smaller rider for swiftly moving around in the city. Unlike its 14″ brothers, the 14S has a bigger battery for longer rides. 80km range and 30km/h max speed makes the KS 14S a good choice for users needing a smaller wheel with a the capabilities of a 16″ or 18″. There’s also an extendable handle on top of the unicycle which makes it easy to roll around next to you.

A 14 inch wheel is perfect for manoeuvreing around the city and it’s easier to handle in general when standng still at red lights or taking a short break from riding. 40km max range and 30km/h top speed makes the KS 14S an unicycle with considerable practicality.

Kingsong 14S connects to its app over Bluetooth which allows the user to adjust ride softness, LED lights and warning signals. Like all Kingsong models, the 14S is equipped with Bluetooth speakers to listen to music anywhere you like without the hassle of carrying around an extra speaker.

We recommend always wearing an helmet when riding unicycles. Also knee and palm protection if needed. It’s best to start learning with the help of a friend in an open parking lot or a calm wide street – once you get it, you’ll never want to go back!