Experience the Power of Exway Atlas Carbon 2WD – Unleash Your Ride

With the 12S Smart and Modular Battery System, the electric skateboard Exway Atlas Carbon 2WD offers unparalleled performance and versatility. The carbon fiber housing provides ultimate protection for the cells and electronics, ensuring durability in any environment. Designed with user-replaceability in mind, the battery system allows for easy maintenance and customization.

Unleash Your Power Potential

Exway’s power ratings are a true representation of the Atlas Carbon 2WD’s capabilities. Say goodbye to inflated and misleading stats. With 2000W peak power, this 2WD beast delivers the speed and performance you crave. Take control of the road and dominate every ride.

Sleek Carbon Fiber Unibody Design

The Atlas Carbon 2WD boasts a sleek and stealthy appearance, with a high-strength carbon deck that seamlessly houses delicate electronics. Enjoy a smooth and stable ride while turning heads with this cutting-edge design.

Customize Your Ride

Make the Atlas Carbon 2WD truly yours with a wide range of custom-made accessories. Whether it’s mudguards, bash guards, handles, or more, personalize your board to suit your style and preferences. Elevate your riding experience and stand out from the crowd. (For extra accessories, please contact info@voltride.com)

Ride with Your Preferred Characteristics

Tune the ride characteristics of your board to match your unique style. With the Exway Atlas Carbon 2WD, you have the power to adjust and optimize your ride, ensuring maximum comfort and control every time you hit the streets.

Shredlights Compatible Mudguard Mounts

Equipped with Shredlights compatibility, this electric skateboard offers enhanced visibility and safety during nighttime rides. The heat-treated steel supports provide durability, while the high-strength nylon composite mudguards protect you from road debris. Ride with confidence in any weather or terrain.

Atlas Motorguard for Ultimate Protection

Engineered with light and strong aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the Atlas Motorguard ensures your motors stay protected from rocks and debris. Quick and easy to install, this accessory provides an extra layer of defense for your board, keeping it in prime condition.

Ultra-Stable Trist 9.5″ DKP Trucks

Experience unmatched stability and control with the Ultra-Stable Trist 9.5″ DKP Trucks. Forged and CNC-finished to perfection, these trucks offer superior strength and stability. The T6 heat-treated construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the improved hanger design with reinforcement flaps enhances durability. Compatible with large cup washers, you can fine-tune your bushings for the perfect ride.

Unleash your ride with the Exway Atlas Carbon 2WD. Experience the power, performance, and customization options that redefine electric skateboarding. Elevate your riding game and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.