New e-unicycles in stock for Autumn 2022


The time has arrived! It might be the end of the season, but it’s definitely not the end of our electric unicycle season! So this post is for all the TRUE EUC (electric unicycle) fans and riders that are looking to take their experience to next level, because the wheels that have arrived, definitely help you do that!

We got the Begode Master and the biggest battery wheel in EUC world yet – Begode Master Pro! Also the new and improved Kingsong S22 Eagle! And for all those who are looking for something truly different and fun, we have the small yet quite zippy, Begode Mten4. To make the list complete, we also have the new Begode T4. Wheel for all those who are looking for fast acceleration and high torque combined with suspension! A match made in heaven!

PLUS let’s not forget the Free Waterproofing service we offer right now to all the EUC-s bought from us!

Check out the pictures of the samples we ordered for our store!