Oolter e-bikes now in Voltride

E-bikes are booming across Europe. No wonder – cities are abolishing cars from city centers, public transport has become a scary place due to Covid-19. Electric bikes save the freedom of movement.  And Oolter e-bikes are here to make the life easier for city commuters, young and old.

Nice selection of e-bike models

Oolter has designed stylish e-bikes that look very much like normal bikes: There are 3 different frame designs:

– Dutch-style step-through lady bike: ETTA

– Classic city-bike for men: EKE

– Road-bike for adventurous minds: TORM

TORM has also an upgraded version called TORM S with dropped bars instead of flat handlebar, big display and a few other components upgraded.

Colors you’ll like

Voltride has all Oolter models in different colors available: daisy white and chili red for ETTA, denim blue and charcoal grey for EKE. Both bikes come in glossy finish and have an option for a nice-looking ornament on the frame.  TORM and TORM S come both in matte black or matte white.

Why choose Oolter e-bike?

People like bikes that are easy and comfortable to ride. Oolter is a lightweight e-bike that looks and feels like a normal bike. The riding experience is outstanding due to excellent frame geometry and seamless torque-sensor based pedal assist.  Pedal assist helps you up to 25km/h, which would go almost unnoticed, unless you see other riders being left behind while pedaling uphill, against the wind or starting off.

Who should buy Oolter?

We’d like to say: EVERYBODY! We have seen different people – young and old, men and women, everyday commuters and leisure riders enjoy this bike. In more practical terms – everyone who uses public transport but has had thoughts – may be I can cover all this distance on bike?  Or somebody that feels that riding a regular bike is just a bit too much. E-bike with a pedal assist is a great relief for older people. Most e-bikers are one of us – people riding to work or school, to friends or restaurant, every now and then.

What you’ll get?

Oolter e-bikes will be carefully checked and prepared by us before we hand them over to you. You’ll have the bike, a charger, user manual and bike passport. We will do the regular service for the bike as well as help you with any questions or problems you may have. So it is not just a bike, but freedom to move with a piece of mind.

Why we love Oolter?

We love Oolter because of the looks – it is a great-looking bike that also happens to be an e-bike. It is also about the performance and riding comfort.  And we also like the mission that Oolter has on its flag: Add life to your days.

You can find your new Oolter bike under our electric bicycles category!