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Go ride on hillsides with your friends or just take a long ride on a smooth beach sidewalk. Electric skateboards are just perfect for these relaxing, yet adventurous rides. There are skateboards for short trips or even longer rides – Voltride has them all. Now you can even hit a trail with all-terrain electric skateboards, so set no limits to yourself and let the adventure begin! For more information scroll down ⏬

Voltride has electric skateboards for all kind of different styles and needs. For younger riders, there is a small and nimble board Exway Ripple with two hub motors. Next possible step would be a super slim and lightweight GPad Blade. These boards can reach pretty reasonable top speeds so once you have mastered the art of riding, you can still rely on these boards and have loads of fun when riding. However, if you one to go one step forward, then for cruising through city check out the Exway Flex ER Hub or if you are looking to blast through trails or parks, check out the Exway Atlas Carbon 2WD.
If the previous boards aren't enough for you, Voltride has also one of the most notorious e-skate brands that should cover all the needs of a true electric skateboard fan - Evolve Skateboards. This Australian brand offers two main board sets, the soft and flexible Bamboo or stiff and lightweight Carbon. Both boards can be attached with either a Street wheel kit or a All-Terrain kit. And now, the best of the best - Evolve Hadean series. These boards are for those, who want to have it all and even more!
Come see the boards by yourself and give them a test-ride in our store at Telliskivi 57D.

How to choose an electric skateboard?

We recommend starting with the distance - how far does it need to go? Then we need to take a look at the wheels - are you looking to ride only paved roads or are you going to slay some trails also? If yes, then all-terrain wheels are a must have. Even some of the riders only cruising in the city tend to go with all-terrain wheel set, because then theres no need to worry about pot-holes or higher curbstones.

What electric skateboard would you recommend for children?

Which electric skateboard to use for city riding ?

What electric skateboard could I use on terrain?