Rolling In: The Latest Electric Unicycles You’ve Been Waiting For! 🎉

Hello, passionate unicycle riders! We are beyond thrilled to let you know about some of the latest electric unicycles our industry has recently developed. Whether you’re an enthusiast who’s always seeking the latest in unicycle tech or a pro user working in food and package delivery, or as a newbie wanting to dive into the world of e-unicycling, Voltride is ready to elevate your riding experience.

Check out our latest electric unicycles that we have in store for you! From little e-mobility wonders to long-distance cruisers, there is more than enough to meet your expectations!

Introducing our latest additions to the line-up:

Kingsong KS-S19: A masterpiece from the renowned Kingsong brand, the S19 is built to impress. Known for its performance, durability, and elegance, this model offers a smooth and powerful ride.

Begode EX30: The EX30 is a powerhouse. For those who desire the blend of speed, torque, and robust style, look no further.

Veteran Patton: Meet the real tank of the electric unicycles. If you aim to tackle any challenge the (off-)road throws, the Veteran Patton should be your top pick. We stock all suspension versions: 58, 62 and 66lbs.

That is not all. The latest batch of Kingsong S22 Pro, the new Begode T4 and Begode Mten4 have also arrived. Some familiar EUC-s, such as Kingsong 14D and Kingsong S16 have got a long-waited facelift and are ready to serve you on the streets.

You can also find Veteran Sherman S in all suspension versions with us, 66lbs being the latest arrival.

And stay tuned, pre-orders for “orange series” of EUC, including Begode Extreme, InMotion V14 and Kingsong S16 will open soon.

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