Straight from under the scorching sun of California, we finally got our hands on the legendary Onewheel. Onewheel is a single-wheeled electric vehicle. With a unique construction, appearance, and riding experience Onewheel is a blast for daily commuting or more extreme off-road riding. No remote controls – lean where you want to go and adjust your speed and direction with your balance. Bumps and uneven surfaces will not be a problem, roll or race on asphalt, mud, in the forest or ride on gravel, sand, soil, over the tree roots, rocks, wherever your imagination leads you. The metal rails are durable and withstand some beating, the tire is made of thick rubber and does not break so easily. Future Motion launched the Onewheel brand in 2013, and since then a major amount of work has been done to achieve the most intuitive and high-quality electric vehicle possible. The bugs of the first models have been eliminated during development and there are currently two models available: Pint and + XR.

The most similar feeling to riding a Onewheel is snowboarding, mostly because of the carving feeling you get while taking turns that resembles surfing on snow. The feeling of driving is completely unique and the easiest way to understand it is to try it for yourself! Design your Onewheel yourself – countless accessories in a variety of colors are available.

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