Stigo is the world’s fastest-folding electric vehicle! Just unfold it, push the throttle and leave your daily routine behind!

Stigo gives you the ultimate freedom to move around the city the way you want to do it. Urban travel and commuting are now quick, hassle-free, and environmentally friendly.

Combine the Stigo with any other means of transport. Take it on the bus, tram, train, car or even a boat. No gears, no experience needed, ideal in even the most chaotic traffic.

  • Folds in 2 seconds – Save space and pull it along like a hand luggage when on the go.
  • No parking needed – Keep your bicycle safe by taking it with you everywhere you go.
  • Charging available everywhere – Charge the Stigo from a regular outlet wherever you happen to be.
  • Go further and faster – Ride the Stigo for 15-40 km(depending on the battery) (9-25 mi) on a single charge while going up to 25 km/h (16 mph).

The most compact bicycle comes in two models – Stigo and Stigo+. The + model has two batteries which allow it to go further than the regular version. To upgrade your bikes range up to 40km, you need to have the extra battery, which can be found from here – Stigo extra battery!

** The bicycles are sent out in 4 working days, due to the need for pre-assembling.

Stigo’s ergonomic design keeps your weight equally distributed between your arms, legs, and upper body while reducing pressure on your back. Less stress on your muscles and joints due to the equally distributed bodyweight.

Higher handlebar provides a relaxing position on the seat. Proper sitting position that supports the healthy S-shaped spine.

Reduced stress on shoulders and back due to the correct angles between your arms and upper body. Horizontal seat preventing you from slipping forward. A curvy seat designed with the human body in mind for ultimate comfort.

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