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Electric Scooter For Christmas – The Best Gift

Best Christmas gift - electric scooter

Soon the long-waited Christmas time will be here. The celebrations will bring about some intimate moments with families and close ones. However, to get there, we all need to push us through the craziest time of the year – getting ALL done for Christmas. Among other things, we need to decide about what will Santa bring to our kids, or grandchildren. Don’t you worry – you’re not alone 🙂 In fact we have the answer – there is nothing better than electric scooter for Christmas present.

“They seem to have everything, what could it be… Books they already have, board games? It would not make sense to buy another useless “thing” that will be forgotten tomorrow..

It would be great to find something that they really appreciate, and that would be useful and practical at the same time…

Hmm, electric scooter for Christmas? Could this be the one? Many parents and grandparents seem to have come to this thought already. But for my kid, is this right for him/her? And how am I supposed to chose one – I know nothing about them…”

In this short article you will have all you need to know about choosing electric scooter for your child, grandchildren or even yourself 🙂 For those who immediately need to check out the last page of the book, jump to these shortcuts: “Top 3 escooters for kids” or “Top 5 escooters for teens“.

Could e-scooter be good for my child?

Before going ahead with scooter selection, give just a little thought about if your kid does not seem ready for the scooter experience. By that we don’t mean if he or she really wants to ride it – there are almost never any problems with that. But rather is he/she mature enough to navigate safely and understand the hazards? In a way it is a small step to a little more independence and responsibility. Undoubtedly, it will also extend the comfort zones for both of you and give some more time spent outside with a little physical activity. Good or bad – it’s up to you to decide.

Here are some further factors to consider:

  • The laws are different by country regarding how old could the child be to be ready to ride an electric scooter. Generally kids can physically manage the scooter starting from age 10-14. If there are some specific circumstances like very busy traffic, no sidewalks or the law specifically prohibiting scooter riding, then please consider these as well.
  • Generally it is allowed to ride on bicycle roads and lanes, also on sidewalks and recreational tracks in most of the countries. However certain countries and cities have prevented e-scooters from sidewalks.
  • Kids under 16 should wear helmet at all times, mostly for their own safety, but in many countries also to abide to the law.
  • Electric scooter is primarily a means of transportation, like a bicycle. It’s purpose is not to serve as device for fooling around and doing some stunt-riding. With electric scooter your child will become a participant in the traffic with rights and obligations 🙂

So let’s move on to select the best electric scooter for Christmas gift.

What to consider at electric scooter selection?

In fact, this is not very complicated – there are 2 main questions to be answered:

  1. What will you use the scooter for?
  2. What’s your budget?

The first question boils down to your use case. What’s the distance you usually would need to cover? Is this end-to-end route or is it mixed with using public transport. Will you need to fold and carry your scooter and place it somewhere tiny place after most rides? What’s the pavement like – mostly Formula1-like tarmac or rather bumpy road with potholes, or may be Mediaeval cobblestone roads?

  • light and compact – you want this kind of electric scooter if you need to use public transport in between your rides or place the scooter to some tiny wardrobe at school, work or at home. Most scooters are folding from the bottom of the steering column, but not all of them have the folding handlebar.
  • tire type – anti-puncture solid tire or less “vibrating” air tire for not-so-perfect road conditions.
  • battery capacity – smaller battery capacity means lighter scooter, but with smaller range. All this is reversed with bigger battery capacity – more weight and more range. Batteries with 500Wh or more should usually yield an actual range of 30km or more in normal city-riding. Don’t believe the range numbers usually given by brands or retailers – these are theoretical numbers achieved with lightweight rider at speeds so low you never stand to ride.
  • other factors like brakes, suspension, top speed, lights and app configuration.

And never miss the point with picking the wrong colour – the colour is hugely important for kids.

Now, when all the important considerations have been weighed and the jury has reached the verdict about the ideal scooter for your kid, give a little thought about the budget. Ohh, right, yes – there is always a price tag attached. Never mind, it’s just money! 🙂 Can I actually say that? 😉
The prices of electric scooters range from couple of hundred euros to multiple thousand euros. As you are probably not eyeing the top of the top of electric scooters by speed or power, the ones that are excellent (or sometimes good enough) are priced from 200-800 euros. In fact this range is very comparable to the prices of mobile phones or bicycles these days.

Top 3 electric scooters for kids

Here are 3 scooters that we have picked based on our experience, to scale down your efforts in scooter selection. We believe these are suitable candidates for kids under or around 150cm:

GPad Lite – one of the most popular scooters in retail, mostly due to affordable price and with a very light weight. The range is suitable for shorter rides.

Inokim Mini – the smallest scooter from Inokim with rear suspension, USB charging port and nice design.

E-Twow S2 Eco – has the largest wheel diameter compared to other two, with a decent range and can be easily folded.

Top 5 electric scooters for teens

For bigger kids there are 5 scooters listed below, that provide nice riding experience and give plenty of range:

GPad Svan or Svan Max – one of the best-selling electric scooters with catchy colors and swan-like design. Max comes with battery extension. Svans have also a nice phone app.

XIAOMI 1S or Pro 2 – also very popular electric scooter, a 2nd generation of Xiaomi 365. The scooter comes with air tires and phone app. Two versions differ by battery size.

GPad Joyride or Joyride Eco – this scooter has proved it for thousands of riders – big 10″ air-tires, very silent and smooth ride. And great range!

Etwow Booster V – lightest of all 5 scooters in this list, but with very good range and comfortable ride. Has front and rear suspension and solid tires. 

Inokim Light 2 – nice design with many colors to chose, plenty of range and rides smoothly on air tires with no need for suspension.

Click on the scooter names to learn more about each model and park it to the cart. You may also want to access the full selection of scooters by Voltride here. You’ll also find all basic accessories like helmets, locks, bags, lights etc. there.

Last but not least, if you have found the perfect Christmas gift for your child, step into Voltride e-store and add the purchase to the cart. Just a little courtesy from us, use the code “COURIER” to get free shipping for your Christmas purchase. Then you may relax in anticipation of the Christmas Eve and enjoy the surprise and joy in the eyes of your child.

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