Gotway MSP – electric unicycle that makes you happy

Gotway, with the new name Begode electric unicycle called (EUC) MSuper Pro or perhaps MSP, is what many crave. For example, it is somewhat faster than the Kingsong 16X and much lighter than the Veteran Sherman.

MSP is an easy and reliable EUC to ride in the city on a daily commute and if needed change clothes and go on a forest frenzy or cruise with friends. The special feature of the MSP are the higher pedals compared to all other electric unicycles (also higher than the RS), so you don’t get stuck behind every little corner. The pedals are strong and have inclination towards the body, which gives a safe driving feeling. As an accessory, you can also buy larger honeycomb pedals (+ 6cm) with an adjustable tilt angle. They are definitely helpful for a person with larger feet. The upper edge of the case needs to get used to, which may seem uncomfortable at first. Most riders with MSP buy additional power-pads, which make the contact more comfortable and also make it easier to ride steep hills. 

The trolley handle is at the rear, which is definitely one of the features to mention. If you don’t understand how to use it (especially if you’re used to a Veteran or Kingsong diagonal handle), this bike can easily fly out of hand. The MSP headlight is remarkably bright. Driving in a pitch black forest in the autumn is not a problem. In the city, of course, it is a bit too bright for opposite commuters and can blind them. You can also make yourself hearable because MSP is the first EUC with a good sound system that can play audio so other people notice you. 

The MSP HT motor has an insane torque –  the 2.5kW motor can output up to 14kW of power. It also moves a heavier person anywhere they need to go. The 1800Wh new 21700 cell battery is classified as a large battery (L), providing a worry-free 80-100km range. Also doing more when eco-driving.

The housing is simple and functional. In addition to the factory tire, a slightly higher street tire and, if necessary, an off-road or spike tire can be fitted. And if you want, you can add a “battery extension” to the case. There is room for that as well. 

One recommendation would be to buy an extra fender so you can stay dry and clean. If you need to make longer trips, you can also buy a seat. For the average weight person and fast rider, the MSP HS (High Speed ​​- 2000W) is a definite recommendation. If the weight is 100kg or more, we would recommend the HT version (High Torque – 2500W, but slightly lower top speed). You don’t have to buy this EUC blindfolded based on this story. Voltride’s test Gotway MSP HT is available and waiting for you, come and try it for yourself.

Best of all, this great EUC can be purchased with Begode Gotway Hexa pedals! Speed, accuracy and comfort!