Which electric unicycle and why? S22, Abrams or V11?

The title is not about some new electric unicycle. It is to describe the experience of 1 day when I had a chance to ride/test ride 3 different electric unicycles – Kingsong S22 Eagle, InMotion V11, and Veteran Abrams. The main goal was to find out if Veteran Abrams is as bad as it seems based on some blood-thirsty posts. Joking, J. But seriously, how does Veteran Abrams perform as compared to some very popular suspension wheels?

Let’s get some facts straight – Abrams is a big wheel without suspension. Probably the closest comparison to it is Gotway Monster Pro. Abrams has a design that is somewhat familiar to Veteran Sherman, only bigger.

The first impression before even riding it was the feeling of security. This comes from the height of the wheel offering good support for the legs, to hold the balance in the side direction. As strange as it seems, I would consider it a good first wheel for beginners as it should be relatively easy to learn riding with Veteran Abrams rather than a small 14” or 16” wheel.

The second differentiator is the remarkable gyro effect, produced by the big-size wheel that is very similar to Monster Pro. It may feel a bit strange at the beginning, but it’s possible to get used to it in a rather short time of riding.

Veteran Abrams is clearly a solid cruising wheel for long-distance or long-time city or inter-city rides. It’s not like you cannot get around with Abrams in the hectic city traffic, but it feels most at home in longer commutes.

I took Abrams to some park trails, which were very much ok until I sought out some steeper hills and tricky trails. This is where my short acquaintance with the wheel and lack of proper power pads started to kick in. I could not get anywhere close to my usual riding mode with the Kingsong S22 Eagle.  Clearly, these 2 wheels are very different animals. Abrams is solid, if not stoic, while Kingsong S22 Eagle is a performance wheel looking for a challenge around every corner.

After finishing my 25km with Veteran Abrams, I moved over to the smallest of those 3 wheels – InMotion V11. The best-selling model of Inmotion felt like a toy for kids. So small, so light, so nimble – which was btw never the case when I switched over to InMotion V11 from some other wheels before – like S18 or MSP. The responsiveness of InMotionV11 seemed amazing, combined with some insecurity from having the pedals so high for this small wheel.

In a way, these 3 wheels are very different – InMotion V11 is a nimble, medium-sized wheel for easy city commuting. Veteran Abrams is a stoic workhorse with the biggest battery of all three, excellent for long days in the city or between the cities. Kingsong S22 Eagle is full of energy and action looking for a challenge. In a way, if you could fusion the best features of those 3 wheels into one, you may easily get the best wheel on the planet.

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