Food delivery with an Electric Unicycle

Doing food delivery with a EUC is the new hot thing in Europe and probably around the world.  
We want to help people looking to get an Electric Unicycle for their food delivery job, so we compiled all the info we have from our experience and that we have gotten from our friends who work in that segment! 

This blog post is in 4 sections: 

  1. Things to think about when choosing your EUC for food delivery 
  1. Our recommendations  
  1. User’s experience  
  1. Comment from our workshop.  

Things to think about when choosing your EUC for food delivery 

Battery range. The most important thing to think about is the range you need, because the more range you get, the more money you earn and the more deliveries you can do. If you have done this job before with a scooter or a bicycle, then hopefully you already have some estimated range requirements.  
Most electric unicycles can do 40-60 kilometers without any issue when you are riding in the 25-35 km/h speed range. Things that affect range the most? – Speed, riding style, road quality and profile, riders’ weight, and outside temperature.  

EUC companies test their range estimates (that are seen on our site too) with a very light rider in a warm temperature (24C or above) and on a flat road. And what is most important, is they use the speed of 15 km/h for range testing to get the best possible result. So, take that into account when looking at the promised range numbers.  

Fast charging is also a thing to consider. Many EUC models offer dual-port charging with two standard chargers. With dual chargers, you can charge your wheel faster during the day while on break or when the battery is drained. A more expensive choice is to buy a separate fast charger. Those can cut charging times down to 2hrs depending on the battery size and charger model. Separate fast chargers cost from 100€ to 400€.  

Weather conditions. Where are you located? Many places in Europe get a lot of rain in the summer and snow during winter. No EUC company gives a warranty if the cause of damage is made by water ingress. We offer a waterproofing service for most of the EUCs we sell and if you scroll down to our recommendation section, we try to assess the water-resistance of the models we recommend.  
When there is snow or ice, riding with a street tire is very difficult if not impossible. For winter riding an off-road tire is recommended (sadly not all EUC’s can be fitted with an off-road tire), and we offer different tire options and replacement services through our Voltride Service workshop.  Contact our workshop for an offer: 

Our recommendations 

Low range: 

Inmotion V11 – If you like soft rides, the suspension-powered Inmotion V11 is the way to go. Inmotion shines in reliability and factory waterproofing. It is almost the only manufacturer in the market to put in any effort to make the wheel resistant to water ingress. The downside is the hallow motor, with its open bearing, that can have rust if used in wet. The estimated range can be from 40km in the cold up to 70km in the warm.  

Inmotion V12If you are in a hurry, the V12 is the way to go. The high-speed modern wheel from Inmotion with its innovative touchscreen UI system. Its strong points are the UI system and factory-made efforts to keep water out of the machine. Downsides? Maybe low range. Also, keep out an eye for older versions with cut-off-prone motherboards. New versions should be all fixed. The estimated range can be from 50km in the cold to 80km in the warm.  


KingSong 16XIf you need more torque than the 18L series can offer, go for the 16X. Not as good when rain is considered but it offers a more stable ride and is a good tool. The range can be from 40km in the cold to 60km in the warm.  


KingSong 18L/XLOldie but goodie. As the Kingsong 18L series has been in production since 2017, all the possible issues have been fixed and it’s quite a sure buy. Our service team called it a “tank”. It’s quite “ok” considering water resistance from the factory. You can expect 40 to 70km with the XL model and 30-50 with the L model.  

Medium range: 

Gotway/Begode EX-N – A good choice for the medium-range wheel. It’s heavy but has the battery to show you town. I would not ride one in rain without any waterproofing made, because from the factory there is no protection for water ingress. The range can be from 50km to 90km.  

KingSong KS-S20 EagleONLY wheel currently in production where the manufacturer gives the “water-resistant” promise. We must test the wheel ourselves when we get one but seems good. It has a coil suspension so the customer’s food in your backpack will not get rattled around a lot. The range can be estimated from 65km to 90km. Preorder yours if you are interested. The first wheels should arrive in May 2022. 

Long range:


Veteran Sherman maxFrom our experience, the Sherman was a favorite for food delivery couriers. Now it has the newer model with a bigger battery. The electrics have been protected for water ingress reasonably. But the bearing is the first to go when you ride in the rain, nothing can be done to prevent it by the words of our service team.  For real-life distance test, check out our video (turn on subtitles) –


Gotway/Begode Monster ProThe longest-lasting long-range wheel there is. It can do 200km easily if you ride around 25-30km/h. A downside is that this wheel is not protected against water ingress in any way. So, our recommendation is that if this model is to be used for food delivery it should be waterproofed! Also, a thing to consider, this is a BIG wheel, so it will not be easy to carry this thing up some stairs if needed. Also, check for our Gotway Monster Pro range test video – 

Extreme Bull CommanderAs this is a very new product, we have not tested out one by ourselves yet, but the battery situation looks extremely promising. LG M50T 21700 cells and 3600wh, can certainly allow for a 200km range with that Bull beast. Extreme Bull Commander will be available at our store in April!

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User’s experience 

Timur Fearless – Worlds fastest delivery guy in Finland 

I’ve been riding the EUC for 2 years, during that time I have been through 7 electric unicycles. My recommendation for food delivery would be the Veteran Sherman series of wheels, it’s very reliable and it can last a full 8hr workday. I use 2 wheels for my non-stop food delivery challenge, and I have a third one for backup. Some tips for new people who are starting put – Consider all the risks that are involved. A lot of people fall in the beginning a lot and injuries are common, especially broken bones. My strongest recommendation would be to have a driving license, so you know all the traffic rules and you can also abide by them. Definitely use a full-face helmet and protective gear. To see Timur in action, check out his video from here –

Wrongway Adam – YouTube creator and PEV reviewer 

In my eyes, the best wheel for deliveries is the Veteran Sherman (now called the Sherman Max) – reliable (mostly, has its kinks), big range, stability, comfort, and practical trolley handle. The only real downside is the weight and lack of a lift switch but usually, you can push it upstairs or lock it with a bike lock when you must take stairs up to the apartment.  
Another recommendation would be the KingSong 16X – it is more nimble, a lot lighter, and good in the reliability aspect. The range is very reasonable, especially for going around the city. The trolley handle/lift handle combo is indispensable and a great feature you will use all the time. I would avoid Begode due to safety concerns and water resistance issues at this time. 
Also check Wrong Way’s youtube channel –

Comment from our workshop 

Uku Tarvas – Head of product management/workshop 

From a maintenance perspective, it would make sense to go with a more widely used wheel. A wheel is a tool for work, so fast repair times are very important. More common models of wheels have significantly better parts availability, which means that the likelihood of a part that needs to be replaced not being available locally is massively decreased. This saves you from having to wait while the parts are delivered from abroad. So, for currier work, I would avoid fewer common wheels and new models that have just been released. Reliability is key in this application and early batches of almost all EUC-s have teething issues that will be fixed on later ones. 

From that perspective, my first recommendation would also be the Veteran Sherman / Sherman MAX. The wheel is well built and reliable, so the likelihood of an issue occurring is decreased compared to many other wheels but if a fault does occur, then this EUC is generally very easy to repair. It is also one of our most sold models, so we usually have lots of spare parts in stock. If for some reason it happens that we do not have the necessary part in stock, then the factory manufacturing the wheels is also responsive and the parts are usually sent out fast. 

The second recommendation would be the Kingsong KS-18L/XL. The model has been out for quite a while now, so all its kinks have been worked out by now. Not that there was much to work out since the 18L/XL has been one of the more reliable wheels from the beginning. From the maintenance side, components inside the wheel are a bit more difficult to access than on the Veteran Sherman, but it’s nothing major and parts availability for this wheel is good. 

If you have more questions contact us at! Get your wheel and start earning!