The best pedal for your electric unicycle

Anyone who has ridden an electric unicycle knows that the pedal grip, size, shape and position are very important factors for riding safety and wheel control. Kingsong, for example, offers 2 different size pedals from the factory. Another brand does the same.

For some time now, we have seen pictures by enthusiasts where in addition to the sandpaper grip people add metal pegs and screws, so that those who are more active can keep their feet on the pedal better. It has also inspired the Begode (Gotway), whose electric unicycle (EUC) now has lightweight aluminum honeycomb pedals.

The new pedals are machined from aluminum, with holes to reduce weight and maintain rigidity. Sand or mud that gets on the pedals also fall through the holes so that it does not interfere with driving when left underfoot. To improve grip, small screws are added to the surface, to which the sole of the shoe adheres well and prevents the foot from slipping. This is especially important for those who often drive in poor road conditions or ride snow and slush in winter. The original pedals are still quite slippery in these conditions, no matter how good the sandpaper gets.

The pedals are 287mm long and 133mm wide, 57mm longer and 3mm wider than the originals. For people with larger feet, this is a great help, because the original pedals did not fit the feet in any way. The shape of the pedals has also changed – instead of the original diamond-shaped pedal, they now have curved corners, tapering at the back. Avoiding corners means that these pedals “forgive” overcoming obstacles – the wheel can still move with the rider after a collision.

The pedals are 287mm long and 133mm wide, 57mm longer and 3mm wider than the originals.

In addition to the size and shape of the pedals, the angle of inclination is also important. Begode’s new pedals have an adjustable tilt angle. For this purpose, there are 2 screws on the wheel side of the pedals, which can be turned in or out as desired. The original pedals have no adjustment. When the pedals are raised, they are attached to the housing with a magnet, where they can be easily pushed or opened.

How anyone likes these new pedals will be revealed during the test. They can definitely be recommended to people with a larger footprint, those who have a more active driving style or a desire to continue driving in the snow, for example.